Muay Thai

Head Instructor Carl Lawler

Tuesday and Thursday  6:00-7:30pm


Benefits of learning Muay Thai:

Muay Thai is a useful Form of Self Defense.
It is useful to learn the techniques of this martial art because you need not rely on weapons to defend yourself from criminals or other people who may wish you harm. You only need to master your body and use it as a weapon to overcome instances wherein your well-being or life is threatened.

Improved Physical Fitness
When you train and practice Muay Thai, you will enhance your physique, improve your reflexes and keep your body healthy and in good shape. Other physical advantages that the sport brings are an increase in endurance and flexibility, and improved muscle tone.

Enriched Personal Life
Practicing Muay Thai can also significantly reduce your stress levels because it helps you to concentrate and meditate. Muay Thai also develops mental training and self-discipline. The introspective element in this sport will allow individuals who practice Muay Thai to master control over their bodies, boost their confidence and develop more respect towards others.

Helps you to lose weight
With the growing epidemic of obesity, children as well as adults need to be involved in some sort of physical activity. Muay Thai offers an all over total body work out that will burn around 1500 calories per class.