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Aerobic Pole Dance

Head Instructor Morgan Kurz

Assistant Instructor Tiffany Norbeck

Fitness Pole Dance Tuesday and Friday 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am

Whether Aerobic Pole Dance is your thing or Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or even Mixed Martial Arts – women are welcome at SSF . . . Strong is Beautiful.

Pole dancing itself is a sport and a skill. It incorporates gymnastic, ballet and modern dance movements around a polished pole. There are endless varieties of tricks that can be performed in a choreographed dance routine. You will be able to learn many of the pole skills through practice.

The movements include spins, climbs, static poses and body inverts. The pole dancer may add some floor work and sexy filler moves that complete the dance routine.

There are 3 main styles when it comes to learning the art of pole. These consist of exotic dance, empowerment and pole fitness. People decide to take up pole dance for different reasons. You should try all the different varieties to find out which of the genres you prefer.

Exotic dance is what some people will probably think of when they first hear about pole dancing. This is sometimes the sleazy image that comes to mind but this is not necessarily the case.

Many women have experienced empowerment though practicing the art of pole. It can provide emotional benefits like an increased feeling of self confidence and provide an allĀ  over feeling of well being. It can make you feel stronger, taller and confident.

It is now a recognized form of exercise. It is used as an aerobic workout and for both strength and toning. Participants can expect toning from head to toe and an increase in muscle definition all over especially in the arms, thighs and buttocks. For those interested in statistics, a good session can burn up to 400 calories an hour. That’s the equivalent of two Mars Bars.

It helps by increasing flexibility, improving your posture and overall fitness, whilst enjoying fun dance moves, and all without wondering what you look like. You certainly need strength, flexibility and the ability to express yourself through dance and fitness to get the most from your dancing. The good news is that you do not need to be extremely fit or flexible when you first start, you can gradually build up your skills, strength and flexibility. It is suitable for any figure, of any age or any fitness level.

The feedback we have received, particularly from those who have never tried it before, is that it is a much more enjoyable way of keeping fit and burning calories than the dreaded treadmill or the exercise bike. It encourages active participation, burns calories but most importantly, it’s great fun!

There is evidence to suggest pole dancing and fitness can have an effect on psychological processes as well physical ones. It is known that physical exertion has a positive effect on the sensory areas of the brain, causing it to release endorphins and Serotonin. These are hormones which give you feelings of happiness and some feelings of euphoria. They are also known as the body’s own natural painkillers.

So go on why not give Aerobic Pole Dance a spin…

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