Excuses are for losers.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in MMA.  I hate it when a guy loses a fight and his supporters say “he was afraid to go to the ground with you” or “he didn’t want to stand with you”.  The last time I check this was Mixed Martial Arts, you should be well rounded and able to handle the ground or stand up.


My question to you is if you wanted it standing, why they hell didn’t you learn to defend a takedown.  If you wanted on the ground, why the heck didn’t you work on your takedowns?  If you lose, you lose.  The other guy was better then you so shut the fuck up and learn from your mistake.


If you are a friend, teammate or family member of the guy that lost don’t embarrass him or his gym by making excuses like this.  It makes it look and sound like his team didn’t get him ready for his fight or that they just lack the skills or knowledge to know what to work on.


And please don’t ask for a rematch if you were shut down in an easy fight.  I can see wanting a rematch if you lost a split decision but if you got KTFO or submitted in the first minute of the fight then you most certainly do not have a right to ask for a rematch.  Earn a rematch by fixing your mistakes and beating a few people first.

Ron Dayley
SSF Submission Academy
Clarksville TN.