MMA news in Clarksville TN


MMA news in Clarksville TN

Lean MMA and BJJ at Clarksville’s only legit gym; SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN

Words of Wisdom, Industry Advice, and

Funny Anecdotes from some of

SSF’s fighters and trainers.

SSF Submission Academy’s MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing coachs, trainers, and managers have been busy writing articles about the fight industry and life style.  Some of the articles are funny, some are serious but they will all make you think and maybe even make you mad.  No other gym in Clarksville TN has as many published instructors.  Martial Arts are not all created the same or work in the cage.  Our articles will give you some insight into what does and does not work, what to look for in a Mixed Martial Arts gym, When to find a manager, Where to find the right coaches.

MMA news in Clarksville TN

I Want To Train But Can’t Afford the Gym Membership

Thing’s I’ve Seen Over the Years


That’s Not How My Old Teacher Taught Me


Thing’s That Go On At The Gym

Shut Up and Get on the F’ing Mat


MMA news in Clarksville TN


Promotion Ethics in Regional MMA


Worst Training Injuries


Have You Ever Wanted to Choke a Hater


How to Know When a Fighter’s Ready to Turn Pro


Follow Up to When to Turn Pro


Are You a Fake Fighter?


Hot Dogs and Onions


A Fighter’s Response to a Commission’s Ruling


Our mission is to solve the riddle of why students . . .



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