SSF Fighters – MMA Fighters in Clarksville TN

MMA fighters in Clarksville TN


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Currently active SSF Pro MMA fighters in Clarksville TN 

125 Cory Alexander-ACB (Russia), Operation Octagon vet

135 Michael Graham-XFC vet

135 Jonathon Clemons-Pro MMA and Pro Boxer

135 Edward Massey-Pro MMA, Pro Boxing and Pro Muay Thai

145 Chris Coggins-Bellator, XFC vet

145 Nate Landwehr-XFC vet, current M-1 Global fighter

145 Steven Durr-Strikeforce, OneFC (Singapore) and XFC vet

145 Thomas Campbell-Strikeforce and XFC vet

145 Matthew McIntyre

155 Yannick Jones-pro debut

170 Zach Odom-XFC vet

185 Anthony Stevens-XFC vet



mma fighters in clarksville tnMMA fighters in Clarksville TN


Ron Dayley-UFC, OneFC, ACB, Strikeforce, Bellator, King of the Cage, BoDog, XFC.

Mike Merriman-Strikeforce, King of the Cage, XFC, ACB