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Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Excellence in Clarksville TN

Official Fight Team of Clarksville TN is SSF. 

The SSF Revolution has begun Clarksville TN

I want you for the Dark Side of MMA and BJJ. Enlist in the SSF Revolution and take over the World with us.

Clarksville MMA Events





SSF is the Dark Side of MMA and BJJ. Clarksville MMA Events

Padawans must learn the Dark side of MMA. SSF Submisssion Academy is like no other gym. 

101st and Clarksville TN's MMA Team

Ground and Pound Fort Campbell KY and Clarksville TN’s best MMA Team is SSF Submission Academy

If you care about your Training then you should be at SSF.

Our MMA and BJJ fighters have beaten the other teams very best. Come see why you should be part of our Team.

SSF Submission Academy Nate Landwehr

SSF is home to Pro fighter 145 Nate Landwehr.

MMA and BJJ Clarksville TN.

SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN is the winningest MMA gym in the state of TN. 

Clarksville MMA Events

Old School MMA / Vale Tudo star Pele

Muay Thai and Vale Tudo Legend Jose Pele Landi wearing his SSF rashguard in the mid 1990s.

Grapplers dream come true.

SSF is home to Clarksville’s highest ranking Gracie Barra black belt and 10th Planet purple belt.

SSF is home to Cory Alexander

Pro fighter Cory Alexander calls SSF Clarksville home, shouldn’t you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Clarksville TN

SSF Brazilian Jiu JItsu of Clarksville TN.

Home of the Alphas in Clarksville TN

If you are an Alpha, you train at SSF. MMA and BJJ for the Alpha in you.

SSF Clarksville TN

SSF is Alphaville in MMA and BJJ in Clarksville TN.

SSF MMA and BJJ of Clarksville TN.

SSF is the gym no other team wants to matched against. We are the best in TN.

Clarksville MMA Events

Clarksville TN's Gracie Barra

SSF is home to the highest ranking GB black belt in Clarksville. We have two BJJ black belts that over see our classes.

SSF is the best MMA and BJJ gym in Clarksville TN.

Come train with Clarksville’s best BJJ and MMA gym.

SSF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

SSF is the home to two Gracie Barra Black Belts. All classes are taught and overseen by them.

What's BJJ and MMA training like?

SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville will turn you into a mat shark in MMA and BJJ.

MMA and BJJ Clarksville TN

SSF is on a mission to build the greatest MMA and BJJ gym east of the Rockies.

Better than your gym

BJJ and MMA is a living breathing thing always evolving at SSF Clarksville TN

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at it's best in Clarksville TN

Clarksville TN’s best Martial Arts gym.

Clarksville MMA Events

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